Olly Services is a company specialised in facility management, corporate events organization, communication and branding. The company is part of the NSquared S.r.l. holding and is active on a European level, with offices in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and France. We support businesses in reaching their goals, by offering services capable of satisfying the highest quality standards.

Olly Services can count on a dynamic management team with a decade of experience, and on skilled professionals, proven to be proactive and competent. Thanks to these assets, Olly Services has the knowledge of the challenges that businesses face in the current economic climate and provides the expertise and the resources necessary in contributing significantly to a company’s growth, accomplishing tangible results in line with the client’s expectations. Hence our motto “We make it work”.

Our group

Customised services

Olly Services is specialised in outsourced services for Italian and international businesses, for it is already present on the Italian, German, French and Dutch markets. Reception, gardening, landscaping, professional cleaning, logistics, warehouse management, event organization, merchandising, branding and communication: these are the services that Olly offers its clients. All desires and demands are welcomed with plans proportioned to the client’s effective needs, thanks to a skilful combination of structured business procedures with the versatility of a tailor-made approach.

Our commitment to sustainability

Olly Services takes responsibility for complying with the laws and regulations in force, in all matters concerning environmental and social issues, as well as health and safety in the workplace. We seek constant improvement aimed at reducing environmental impact (both direct and indirect) by employing the best technology available. For example, we exclusively employ products and equipment that are completely electrical.

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A solid team at your disposal

Our team is composed of international professionals specialised in various job sectors. We select our personnel ensuring to welcome on-board people who share our company vision and convey excellent professional and human skills. Our selection process, structured in several phases, ensures the recruitment of highly motivated and experienced staff.

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Olly Services doesn’t just talk about quality, it proves it. We own, and renew yearly, 4 different certifications: the ISO 9001:2015, which guarantees structured and controlled business management; the UNI EN 18295-1:2017, a certificate specific to reception services (points of contact, helpdesk, switchboards); the ISO 14001:2015, for which we are proven to be environmentally friendly; the ISO 20121:2012, a certificate that confirms our know-how in organising sustainable events and the ISO 41001:2018 certificate for companies operating in the Facility Management sector which certifies the ability to develop efficient strategic, analytical and operational management of structures, relating to a vast range of activities.